David Beckham Snubbed From Team GB Olympic Reserves

Beckham won't even make the reserves for Great Britain's Olympic football team.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Despite being a tireless ambassador for the Olympic Games coming to London, Team GB football captain Stuart Pearce left out David Beckham from his squad. However, it was believed that Pearce may include Beckham in the reserves considering the immense fan backlash following Becks' perceived "snub", but after the England Under-21 manager released his final line-up last night, it has been made apparent that Beckham will NOT be representing his country in 2012.

The LA Galaxy star was considered to be a shoe-in to earn a spot in the team following his pivotal role in campaigning for the Olympic Games to be brought to the UK, and when it was revealed that Pearce had decided to not include him, many were outraged at the apparent lack of respect displayed for one of England's most highly-celebrated exports. 

Regardless of his exclusion from the squad, Beckham has continued to be an ambassador for the games, and it has been revealed that he will be a part of the opening ceremony – when asked by CNN if a flame might be involved, he responded "I might have one".

"It was seven years when this whole process started and being part of bringing the Games to a part of London where I grew up, its exciting to see everything come together," he said of his involvement in the Games. "I was at the stadium yesterday — I've not been there for a few months — and to see the change that has happened and also to see the change that's happened around the area, it's really incredible.

"You can feel the atmosphere building around the stadium now, it's great to see the athletes arrive and the interest become bigger."

Beckham recently delivered a letter to David Cameron, also signed by celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Robbie Williams and Claudia Schiffer, hoping to raise awareness for malnutrition in young children around the globe, as part of his job as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. 

"'Stunting' – when children don't get the right nutrients in the first 1000 days of life – is the hidden crisis stopping millions of children around the world reaching their potential. It's irreversible. It means children get trapped in lives of poverty," he said.

"During the coming weeks all eyes will be on London for the greatest show on earth. As a UNICEF Ambassador, I am asking the Prime Minister to use the global spotlight on our nation to make children around the world the real winners of these Games."

Photo: WENN