Hot Fantasy Chicks in a House

You had me at "crazy" Lisbeth Salander.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Hunger Games, The Walking Dead, and hell, even Twilight, know that there are some HOT girls in those shows. Some stronger female protags than others *cough* Bella *cough*. But regardless, I'd pay good money to see them all in a house attempting to live with one another, Real World style.


…Especially if Hermoine Granger got a little bi-curio with Katniss "Oh, let me help you string that bow…tight." …oh yeah…hot tub episode…


Well, barring that, we have a pretty tight hilarious video posted by the good-natured people at Comediva. Whether it's eating rats, drinking heavily, or comparing vampire dick, these girls know how to party. Watch out for our favorite hacker from Girl With The Dragon Tattoo coming in around minute 1:



BTW, BAMF stands for Bad A$$ Mother F***er. If you couldn't figure that already. It's not a reference to the sound Nightcrawler makes when he enters a room. Yes, I was disappointed as well when I found that out.


If you haven't added going to the Comediva website or YouTube page part of your daily routine of visting this site, porn, looking at cat videos, and porn again, you really should. They're producing content no one else is, often cater to the geek side of things, and though it's made by women it's meant for everyone.


Now if only they'd produce the script I sent them, "Girls Kissing: Twelve Uninterrupted Minutes of Girls Making Out".




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