Fantasy Football: Managers You’ll Find In Every League

From coast to coast, chances are you'll find these eccentric personalities in nearly every fantasy football league.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Anyone that's played fantasy football for more than one season can appreciate the wide range of characters that arise — or lack there of, we'll get to that in a minute — during the fall.

Whether it's a small group of friends or a huge 16 team league love-affair, here is a list I've comprised; a list of managers that you'll find in almost every single fantasy league.

While reading this, I just want you to ask yourself;  "Which one am I?"

The Know It All
This guy doesn't even have to have done any research – but most of the time he has done way too much. He's bought every single magazine on the stands, from Athlon to Sporting News and he's ready to back up his smack talk by boasting about knowing how many passing targets Steve Smith had in the red zone in the 4th quarter against top 10 ranked defenses on the road last season. When you beat this guy, it feels that much sweeter – considering you spent 20 minutes preparing for your draft — compared to his 6 months. Appropriate nicknames: Alex Trebek, Einstein

Mr. Too Cool For School
He's the biggest football fan in the league. He will show up to the bar every Sunday — possibly dressed in Bears gear from head to toe — and can literally predict every-other-play call. He rarely makes any roster moves in your league, makes no trades, doesn't cruise the waiver wire — yet somehow, someway, consistently finds himself near the top of the standings every year. He appears as if he doesn't even try – he makes successful fantasy football look effortless. Appropriate nicknames: Johnny Depp, James Dean, Camel Joe

The Ghost
This guy will show up for the draft and seem to be just as excited as everyone else about the season, only to disappear after week 1.  No roster moves. No smack talk. No answering the phone. You actually need to call a relative to make sure this guy is still alive. Appropriate nicknames: Casper, Houdini

The Loud Mouth
This is the guy in your league that simply won't shut up. He not only thinks he knows everything, but talks too much smack without backing up an inch of it. One week he will destroy you verbally for drafting Antonio Gates in the 2nd round, then offer you a garbage trade for him two weeks later. At end of the day, all you really want to do is punch this guy in the face. Appropriate nicknames: Gilbert Gottfried, Snookie

The Obsessed
You really start to wonder what this guy does with his time. Does he have a life? I mean, seriously…a job? a girlfriend?… a-friend? He spends countless hours on the league page posting trade offers and venting his frustrations and when he doesn't win the league you're not sure whether to laugh at him or take extreme pity. I guess you really hope that his loss doesn't make him go off the deep end and jump off a cliff, because deep down you know that if you spent 28 hours a day on something for 10 months you might do so yourself. Appropriate nicknames: A beautiful mind, The shining

Doogie Howser
This is the youngster in your league. He's usually given a fun nickname and he's so likeable that everyone doesn't mind seeing him do well. However, if he faces you in the playoffs you're still going to go all Billy Madison on him and throw a proverbial fantasy-football dodge ball at his head. Appropriate nicknames: Kid, Kiddo, Spanky, Alf-afla, Ralphie, Urkel, Bieber

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