10 Ridiculous Rap PSAs

This is a Public Service Announcement. Word!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you’re a rapper / you should be nervous / about doing a rap / that’s a public service / your heart may in fact / be in the right place / but over-earnestness will have dudes / laughing in your face / So check this out / All I’ve got to say / is here are 10 ridiculous rap PSAs:


Rail Safety

Clikety Clak, y’all.


Contents Under Pressure

Urkel raps about not having sex? Shock of the Century!


No Zones

Yes, I was speeding, Officer – but in my mind, the entire highway is just one big no zone.


Keep Your Helmet On

Also, ride a girl’s bike, cause little baskets are the f***ing s***.


SARS SAR-vivor!

When he says, “use your brain,” he mean, “use your telekinetic powers to fight the virus and a microscopic level.”


Play Smart Philadelphia

If you use a fire hydrant inappropriately, you’re required by law to move to Bel-Air.

Take It Back

MC Skatcat supports recycling? Then I’m sold.


Don’t Mess With Drugs

Starts at 1:19 – Big Sean’s views on drugs and sex have remained consistent to this day.


Books – Check ‘em Out

The California Raisins are known primarily for their love of reading.


Don’t Copy That Floppy

MC Disc Protector was gunned down by The Pirate Bay in 2003.


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