‘Revolution’ Producer Addresses Aurora Tragedy

Eric Kripke thoughtfully answers a difficult question about gun rights and the separation of reality and fiction.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

NBC’s new fall drama “Revolution” is about a future where all electricity has ceased and survivors live in a world overgrown with nature. Giancarlo Esposito ("Breaking Bad") plays the dictator Captain Neville who has taken away citizens’ right to bear arms and rules over survivors with an iron fist.

At the Television Critics Association panel for “Revolution,” a journalist made the connection between the show’s political themes and the tragic shooting in Aurora, CO and the gun control discussion it has spawned. Daniel Fienberg of Hitfix.com asked “Revolution” creator Eric Kripke if he really wants to tread into those waters in fiction right now.

Kripke’s response was respectful, but pointed out how few the similarities between “Revolution” and the current gun debate are. “I understand your reference and look, it’s a terrible terrible tragedy and my heart goes out to everybody in Colorado,” Kripke said. “I think we’re talking about a broader canvas than that. I think we’re talking about a dictator who is also conscripting soldiers, taxation without representation, taking away the freedoms of what was once the citizens of the United States in 100 different ways.”

When the heroes of “Revolution” stand up to Captain Neville, Kripke hopes the message becomes a reaffirming show for America. “What we’re really talking about is at the end of the day a very patriotic show that is in many ways about people fighting for freedom, freedoms to be able to go where they want, say what they want, be together with their families. So again, I think what you’re referencing is a small part of a much broader canvas.”

Science fiction is often an allegory for modern society, as Fienberg pointed out in his follow-up question. Kripke admitted the inevitable comparison would be unfortunate.

“I think again specifically in terms of your specific reference, of course i’m not comfortable with it. How could I be? Again it’s a much bigger show that is more about what it means to be a citizen of this country and what are the things that are positive about it and what are the things that are worth fighting for.”

“Revolution” premieres this fall on NBC. We’ll have interviews with the cast and creators here at CraveOnline.