7 Kid Breakdancers

These B-boyers are actual boys.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Kids might say the darndest things, but they’ve also got all the darndest moves. I don’t know whether these boys – all expert breakdancers who haven’t graduated from grade school – are just naturally gifted or really focused and driven, but I’m content to just sit back and be amazed. These are videos of 7 kid breakdancers:


8-Year-Old School

That grown adult just got served.


Thrashin’ Kid

He’s constantly flipping out.


Pajama Jam

Morning Cartoons: Electric Boogaloo


Helmet Spin

So this is the famous “Safety Dance.”


Flipping The Bird

Pop and lock and roast that turkey.


Copycat Dance

Starts at 1:53 – It’d be funny if Ellen hugged him at the end and said, “sorry, kid – ya just don’t got it and ya never will.”


Baby Breakdancer

Beats Baby Genuises.


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