5 Videos You Shouldn’t Watch if You’re Terrified of Sharks

Duuuun Dun.... Duuuun Dun.... 

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

I'll be the first to admit that I am afraid of sharks; those pointy-toothed bastards have infiltrated my dreams more times than I'd care to remember and have caused me many a sleepless night in the process. I'll also admit that being afraid of sharks is irrational (it's not exactly like you'll ever bump into one on the train or anything), but that doesn't stop any of these 5 videos from being any less bloody terrifying.


Close Encounter

Finally, we know the great white's one true weakness: pointy sticks.


Guy Rides a Shark

Because "getting piggybacks off of sharks" would be an awesome thing to put in the occupations section of your Facebook profile.



The only way this video could be more epic is if instead of a group of twenty-somethings shouting "sick!", it was instead soundtracked by Hans Zimmer.



While I am confident that I could outswim this abomination, that still doesn't stop it from making me feel all… weird.


Up Close and Personal

My favourite part of this video is a comment left by a user, which reads: "I bet the shark was just as terrified as the divers were".

Yes, because if there's one thing history has taught us, it's that 15-foot Great White Sharks are terrified by skinny Australians in skintight wetsuits. That, and pointy sticks.


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