Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan Movie, Co-Starring Kenneth Branagh?

The director of the latest reboot of Tom Clancy's action franchise has cast himself as the film's villain.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani


We were pretty excited about Kenneth Branagh's decision to direct the newest, as-yet-untitled Jack Ryan movie. After years of directing Shakespearean dramas, it appeared that Branagh had finally caught the studio bug, and given how well Thor turned out it seemed like excellent news, at least for blockbuster fans. (Then again, Shakespeare fans might have another opinion altogether.) Today brought word that this time, Branagh will probably appear in front of the camera as well, this time as the villainous Viktor Stazov, who plans to destroy the American economy. 

You can keep your "too late" jokes to yourself, thank you very much.

Heat Vision reports that Kenneth Branagh is currently "in negotiations" to co-star in the Paramount production, opposite People Like Us star Chris Pine, who takes over the lead role of Jack Ryan from Ben Affleck, after the part circulated through the hands of Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford. We imagine the film's director is pretty happy with the casting decision since, well, it's the same guy.

The casting news is the first update we've had about the long-delayed production since Branagh was announced as the film's director back in March. If casting is finally underway, it stands to reason that the film could finally be on its way in front of the cameras shortly.

The film would mark Kenneth Branagh's first villain role for a major studio since 1999's Wild Wild West. Hopefully the new Tom Clancy film will be much, much better.

CraveOnline will be back with more Jack Ryan news after we come into this office and bark at you like some little junkyard dog.