‘Master Bait Shop’ Opens In Va. Town

A phallic misunderstanding or genius marketing strategy? You decide.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

This is almost as good as the 'Pho King' that I drove past in the valley a couple years ago.

…Just in case you're unaware, 'Pho' is a Vietnamese dish that is pronounced like 'fuh.'


That being said, you have to have a sense of humor and appreciate Michael DeClue's 'Orange County Master Bait Shop' in Orange, Va.

DeClue's Master Bait Shop is stirring up quite the little controversy in his home town because of it's double-entendre of a name. His Master Bait Shop, which slogan reads 'home of the fattest worm in town,' is only two weeks old and has already been a victim to public outcry and $1,300 in vandalism because of the chosen name.

"The name is Orange County Master Bait Shop," DeClue told NBC Channel 29. DeClue then went on to say that he chose the name to be memorable and that whatever innuendo locals want to associate with his business is just that — their own business.

"People are taking the master and also the bait shop and combining them together into a word that's not actually spelled on our business name," stated DeClue to the local news.

The topic of DeClue's Master Bait Shop also came up at the local town council meeting, but the mayor stated that there isn't whole lot they can do since the Master Bait Shop isn't in violation of any ordinance.

"That's the name that we chose and that's the name we want to stick with," he said.

I guess if you sell a lot of bait, and you're the master at it, it only makes sense to call your business the Master Bait Shop.

I'm just curious if DeClue will be going into the turkey business. Come Thanksgiving he could claim fame to being the 'master baster.'

Photo Credit: AP