Comic Con 2012: A Survivor’s Record – Day 3

Lists and links make the Comic Con article...but does it make the soul of a man? The final entry.

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Header image (via) Josh Jackson of Pastemagazine.


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This chronicles the events of July 14th.

Editor’s Note: The day-long panels of Hall H behind him, the author now appears to ramble and go in and out of consciousness. There are no more time markers to judge when…or where…these entries were written. It is the last of the records.  

In the finality of my nerd-dom here at Comic Con I have come to some simple conclusions:

Firstly, Stan Lee will go anywhere if he is promised sandwiches and a microphone. And we will always love him for it.

I think the Batmobile looks cooooool.

Second, that Firefly is not coming back. Even if we love it. Even if we kill for it. It won’t happen. We might, however, get Zach Levi and Nathan Fillion to kiss each other for charity.

…some people say the black costume was the best for Spider-man but I still think Aunt May is alive they should’ve got Tilda Swinton to play that part in Sam Raimi’s fourth movie and whatever happened to Vermin, he’s my favorite X-Man…

Third, it’s not about comics anymore. It’s about Godzilla trailers, Ant-Man getting a movie, and trailers for posters about the webseries based on The Avengers. You know, the important stuff.

When are we getting a Rocket Raccoon Cartoon?!?!?!??!?

I remember at one point I did that Robert Kirkman Presents Zombies: The Walking Dead Zombie Run … dude, best $150 bucks I ever spent. I got to run around an abandoned Padre’s stadium and run from Zombies. I wish this was a gym subscription. I’d get in better shape.

I wanna live on Cybertron.

Fourth, WHERE IS THE WI-FI in the ENTIRETY OF SAN DIEGO??? I couldn’t get work done even if I tried. Which I did. I swear….

Drink specials are great. Except the ones you don’t remember. I played the best version of 4 Player Pac-Man ever at this one bar. I think it had a crow on it. You should go there next year.

I saw the hottest girl in the world dressed as Han Solo. It really freaked me out for a second. Then I remembered how hot Han Solo is. I came to a conclusion:

We need more genderbending cosplay.

I shall speak no more of these times of immutable terror, when men and women in costume vex your every moment, when you feel as if pressed against the entrails of humanity, pushed through lines for holographic The Hobbit posters. These times, thankfully for another cycle, are no more.

I do miss it? Yes. Do I wish it on anyone? Yes.

Comic Con is best of the humanity. It is the worst of humanity. And in all, it is a true cumulation of dreamers that just want to have fun. Hot, sweaty, impatient, and expensive fun.

Nothing like it in the world.

And now The Dark Knight Rises. I can’t wait.