Sprinter Claims Racism Over Olympic Selection

Hear the controversial sprinter open his mouth again.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

Below: hilarious Steffensen videos.

John Steffensen, Australia’s most noted runner in recent years, vented his frustrations to the media this week when he was overlooked for an individual spot in the 400m race at the London Olympics by accusing Athletics Australia of racially discriminating against him.

Steffensen went on TV to attack AA.

"I've put up with being racially vilified by this federation, being discriminated against on many teams," Steffensen told Channel Nine.

"You know it'd help if I was different colour, then a lot of decisions with my federation would be totally different, but I've never brought that up, I've always kept quiet on that."

"But it is the fact, it's the way it is, but I live with it and I keep running and I keep representing my country and I keep winning Australian trials."

Steffensen also went on Twitter, threatening to walk away from the Games and the sport. Though just the reserve, he has been included in the 4x400m team.

Steffensen was having a pretty good year until a hamstring injury hampered his Olympic preparation. After winning three 400m in 2012, including the Olympic Trails in Melbourne in March (in 45.74 seconds), but was injured shortly after. His replacement, teenager Steve Solomon, who has been described as a “gun”, has been in great form and posted a time of 45.52 at the world junior championships in Barcelona last week.

Neither runner made the Olympic automatic qualifying time of 45.3 seconds.

The fact of the matter is, Steffensen has a history of running his mouth. He never overcame the ‘potential’ tag he received early in his career and has won just one Olympic medal; a silver in the 400m relay back in 2004. Besides his PB be the third best in Australian history, Steffensen’s only notable individual achievements include a bronze at the world championships and winning the Commonwealth Games- not exactly a hotbed for world sprinting talent.

At least better than Matt Shirvington, Steffensen is just the world No.47, but acts like he’s Usain Bolt.

Steffensen talking about himself in third person, talks ridiculous amounts of trash.

Wins trails in Melbourne, does the Dougie..

Clips courtesy of GCCMelbourne and Telstra Bigpond.