Funny Pages – Modern Day Heroes

Comic Con is over, but modern day heroes exist!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Yes if you’re suffering from post comic con depression, or the horrid jealousy of not having been able to go and witness all the skin tight cosplay comic book hero goodness, then these videos will give you both your much needed hero fix. Take from the front pages of the funniest comedy video sites on the web.

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Dailymotion  – Boners 101 EP 00002: On A Scale From 1 To 5000 (link)

These hero’s promise you can get your snort futures with the latest episode of Boners!


Break  – Guy Orders Burger with 1,000 Slices Of Cheese (link)

Modern day heros do exist, and here’s proof!


College Humor – Batman Meets Two-Face (link)

The only hero you’ll hero need, Two face! Oh I mean batman.

I need to get me some skills I learn in the mountains!


Dorkly – Pokemon Rusty: Ep. 1 – The Journey Begins (link)

Now join me as we find a new hero… Rusty!


UCB Comedy – Sketch Cram: Horrible Nice Day (link)

The heroes at Upright Citizens Brigade take on a 1 day challenge to conceive, write, record, edit and show a new video! This guy is having the worst best time of his life.


Funny Or Die – Sense of Smell w/ Bryan Cranston (link)

Now a real American War Hero… played by Bryan Cranston, the best Druglord hero ever.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your bean ponging set up.

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Here’s some bonus fun: