7 Angry Dads on YouTube

When these clips go viral, their creators are so grounded.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Parents just don’t understand, and that’s especially true for male parents, often referred to as “dads.” They don’t like the clothes you wear, the skateboard you ride or being on camera unexpectedly. How do they show their dislike? Mostly through the ancient art of yelling! Here are 7 angry dads on YouTube:


Dad Hates Skinny Jeans

Whatever, dad. It’s cool when your nuts hurt.


Dad Shoots Laptop Computer

This is basically an ad for diaries.


Dad Learns About Broken Ceiling Fan

Very, very slowly.


Dad Hates Snow Boarders

There’s snow problems here.


Dad Hates Skateboarders

Any type of “boarder” is cooler than any type of adult.


Dad Freaks Out About Being Filmed While Eating

I guess someone doesn’t want to be the star of his own reality show.


Dad Watching Sports Is Imitated By Daughter

Oh nooooo!


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