10 WTF Retro Instructional Videos

The weirdest tutorials ever committed to VHS.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Want to learn how to throw a Frisbee in the most awkward way possible? Want to get fit with Christian puppet aerobics? The good folks at Found Footage Festival dug through VHS bargain bins and found these bizarre instructional videos from the 80s and 90s, so you’ll never do hospital clowning improperly again. Here are 10 WTF instructional videos:


Enjoy Love Making Through Hypnosis

So many marriages will be saved by this dude talking about his penis.


Frisbee Disc

Be creative – your only limitation is how thoroughly you’re willing to embarrass yourself.


Hospital Clowning

The first rule of hospital clowning: be terrifying.


Mommy I Can Learn Myself

Is it impolite to punch children?


Fun with Character Voices



Boating the Starboard Way

This guy is my best friend? Oh man, I wish.


A Woman’s Guide To Firearms

Guns are a girl’s best friend. That’s because guns murdered diamonds.


Flirting! How To Do It Right

“Would you also like to read… my breasts?”


Guinea Pigs

This adventure seems really exciting.


Puppet Aerobics

This exists. That is all.


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