Comic Con 2012: Jamie Foxx Details Last Minute Django Rewrites

Quentin Tarantino rewote the ending at the last minute. Jamie Foxx explains what happened.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


We didn’t have a chance to speak to Quentin Tarantino directly after his Django Unchained panel in Hall H, but his star gave the press a great scoop. During a roundtable interview at San Diego Comic-Con Jamie Foxx recalled how Tarantino changed the film’s ending on the fly.

“On the spur of the moment, he rewrote the end of the movie,” Foxx said. “Blows up the house and says, ‘My ending doesn’t work.’ We’re like, ‘What are you going to do?’ ‘Just give me a second.’ He’s walking on the rubble like this, ‘Okay, I got it.’ Goes to his trailer and comes back with the ending of the movie, but dope. Nobody does that. When a writer writes a movie, he goes into his cabin and he’s there for like nine months, and comes down with like the tablets. This dude just went in his trailer.”

So how much better was that second ending? “What? What did you just say?I don’t want to cuss, but ****in’ crazy. I said, ‘There’s no way. There’s no way. There’s no way.’ What it is is there’s talented people and God gifted people. He’s a God gifted people because he went away, he did something, you could tell that it was trouble. When he got it, he came and was like, ‘I got this motherf***er now.’”

We knew Tarantino had a way with English, but now we know just how quickly he can turn the magic on. English, motherf***er, do you speak it?!

We’ll be back with more on Django Unchained after finish this five dollar milkshake.