Comic-Con 2012: Kate Beckinsale ‘Total Recall’ Interview

[VIDEO] The stunning star talks about the differences in the upcoming remake, future 'Underworld' possibilities, and even admits that 'Van Helsing' was a tad underwhelming.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Kate Beckinsale has been to many Comic-Cons before, with the various Underworld films, and probably for Van Helsing. This year she came to San Diego with the new Total Recall, directed by her husband Len Wiseman. We grew up with the Paul Verhoeven's Total Recall. We know all the lines and we still wonder if it was real or just Quaid’s memory. Beckinsale plays Lori, the evil wife who turns out to be an agent of Cohagen’s. Sharon Stone played Lori in the original, and had a fight with Rachel Ticotin’s Melina. Jessica Biel plays Melina so your’e going to see Beckinsale vs. Biel. Check out our chat-

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