Comic-Con: Marvel’s Cup O’ Joe Panel

Marvel NOW, AvX, and Jeph Loeb explains the trainsition from Avengers: EMH to Avengers Assemble.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Marvel NOW

Here's the traditional "Cup O' Joe" panel hosted by Joe Quesada, also featuring Jeph Loeb, C.B. Cebulski and Axel Alonso.

Joe explains the history of the Cup panels being about providing direct access to the creators for the fans, then starts with some shilling.

First up is talk of Avengers vs. X-Men, takes a poll of the crowd on whose side they're on – Avengers gets the better response. You do not know how it is going to end, no matter what you think.

Marvel NOW! It's a catch-all. Alonso says it's a line-wide event shaking up all the core titles, and for four months, each week will have at least one new #1 to be an entry point for the Marvel Universe. The emphasis is on the shared universe now – it is not a reboot at all. It's just a Marvel Universe transformed by Avengers vs. X-Men.

Every issue of Marvel NOW will also give a free digital copy. A lot of the new #1s may be just relaunched series, some are new series. They'll have Marvel AR to give backgrounds for all the characters to help bring you up to speed.

All of the characters in Quesada's Marvel NOW image were chosen for a reason.

UNCANNY AVENGERS. Rick Remender, JOhn Cassaday. A snapshot of the MU after AvX. X-Men have been segregated for so long, and now a team of both Avengers and X-Men in equal numbers. It was like back when they decided to put Wolverine and Spider-Man on the Avengers, and it became a seismic event. This would be the same.

MARVEL POINT ONE. The last one laid the seeds for AvX. The new one will talk about the Marcus Johnson Nick Fury. Bendis, Fraction, Loeb, Spencer, Gillen, Hopeless, McNiven, Allred, McGuinness, McKelvie, Larroca will all be involved. There are five secretive cards surrounding Nick Fury Jr. Loeb says one word.  "Diamondhead."

Avengers + X-Men – a new ongoing series afterwards – Loeb and Dale Keown, Dan Slott and Ron Garney. #1 in October. A+X now! Alonso says it plays into the transformation of the MU after AvX. This is the opposite of AvX VS. Teamups with Avengers and X-Men

AVX CONSEQUENCES: Five issue series by Kieron Gillen laying out all the consequences. Tom Raney, Steve Kurth, Dale Eaglesham. It's a game changer for a particular unnamed character.

A Skottie Young cover inspired Avengers Babies vs. X-Men Babies by Young and Guruhiru. Very chibi. Also in October.


Q: How does Marvel find new talent? How does one break in?  It's harder to break in as a writer, but you can make more money than artists because it's faster. Get self-published on the internet. Put a project together with an artist. Get it published online or send printed material to the Marvel office – send it directly to a specific editor like Steve Wacker. Send him fish, too. Arune Singh says "don't send cakes, we will never eat them because we don't know what's in them?"

Q: What's up with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the movies? Joe can't speak with respect to that, but Quicksilver is probably in the Fox camp, but he's not sure. In the comics, they can't talk to Scarlet Witch because she's huge in AvX and will be on Uncanny Avengers.

Q: An AR fan asks how that progress is going. Joe says they want to make the current stuff archaic very soon. A fun trick is AvX Vs. when Magik takes on Black Widow, AR can translate their Russian. Marvel are early adopters of technology. It's time consuming but it's worth the effort, because it's where the world is going. Singh gives a shout out to the AR crew in the room.

Q: Jean Grey returning to the Marvel U? They're referring to All-New X-Men, the Bendis time-traveling Lee-Kirby X-Men, including a young Jean Grey in the present. He assures us that Wolverine is not going to perv on young Jean Grey – it's "Days of Future NOW"

Q: Marvel Knights animation?  Tomorrow, there will be some revealed.

Q: What's up with the transition from Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes to Avengers Assemble?  The plan is to make it much more like the movie. Loeb loves EMH, and tried to expand the show to 52 episodes, so they're coming out until late this year. EMH is an important part of Disney XD programming. The situation is that 52 episodes is an enmormous commitment of time and effort. They aren't doing anything to EMH, but they are transitioning into a new show called Avengers Assemble. It better reflects the cast of the movie. It has a lot of the epic feel, humor and tone, but they're not STOPPING EMH or saying it didn't exist. They'll show some of it for the first time tomorrow. So it's not a retelling of the origin. It's like the way Bendis took over and made New Avengers, he didn't say 'nothing prior to this happened' nothing disappeared in a "puff of Crisis." EMH has a huge ending, and Avengers Assemble will pick up from there.

Q: Cyclops being killed off in the future, as teased last week?  The crowd reacts positively to killing Cyclops, at least half.  Quesada jokes "I guess we're killing him now!" Cyclops is apparently Alonso's favorite character, so no.

Q: AvX fan thinks they are going to kill Cyclops – how integral is Cyke to the evolution of the X-Men? He's being integral right now, with a lot of pathos to his story in recent years. A chalk outline shown on an earlier slide – will that be Cyclops? They won't reveal. Alonso says "if we kill him, no one is hurt more than me."

Q: Another AR fan wants to have it applied to past comics. Joe says it's possible, but they need to look forward. If it gets bigger, maybe so, but it's planning ahead that helps them get AR material integrated.

Q: Any books geared towards younger readers?  Marvel Universe is a young reader initiative – a monthly line of books, Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers: EMH each month. There's also a digest retelling the USM episodes with shots from the show with fresh dialog to make it accessible. Dan Slott, Chris Yost, the Man of Action folks are working on these.  Also a plug for

Q: Hulk fan (dressed as Spider-Man) likes the new direction, but when does he get back to the more traditional thing? Alonso won't get into what's driving the NOW Hulk, but it's a very unprecedented new dynamic between Banner and the Hulk, and people are going to be thrilled by this new thing. It will also be funny. (ED: Does that mean Banner's brain is in the little robo head thing?)

Q: A guy named Serge suggests highlighting the #1 part of Uncanny Avengers because the cover design doesn't really advertise it. The layout is not final on it.

Q: Is there a person in the Marvel U whose job is looking at ramifications of AvX – the whole Pax Utopia thing being looked at by the governments as good stuff the Phoenix Five did? They won't be ignoring events, they acknowledge the scars of events and examine them.

Q: How far in advance do you plan summer events? A year and a half to two years in advance in ink, penciled in a third year ahead. Then the scheduling and the massaging of the event to figure out the format, the amount of books, etc.

Q: A "Loners" fan wants to know where Red Ronin and who Holo was?  Holo is still up for debate, answer yet to come. Red Ronin is still out there, and there should be some use for her soon. Cool things coming for the teen characters of the MU. December will be big for them.

Q: A kid asks about Chris Bachalo being on a series? He's on Wolverine and the X-Men right now, sharing duties. The kid is asking for a friend who was too scared to come up there, and then both kids get books.

Q: Havok fan is excited that he's on Uncanny Avengers – what's up with Marvel Cosmic? The future is very bright. Some Infinite stuff happening. You will be pleasantly surprised by tomorrow or Sunday with new announcements.

Q: Is Spider-Men a precedent for more crossovers between the two worlds? Alonso says it took a lot of convincing from Bendis for them to do it. The hole is there when the story's over, so who knows what might happen? It's special because it hasn't happened before, but if you pick at it too much, it becomes not special white noise.

Q: Deadpool fan asks about X-Force's role in the Now – and where's Ricochet?  X-Force is definitely in Marvel NOW, but he can't get into the changes. Daniel Way is leaving Deadpool and a new creative team coming onto Deadpool soon doing fantastic dramedy. The asker wants Jim Mahfoud on Deadpool, and that earns him a T-shirt.

Q: Is Bendis' Avengers Assemble canon?  Yes.  Then if so, with Guardians of the Galaxy revealed after Thanos Imperative, what's the fate of Richard Rider?  "Wait and see."

Q: Any future for Ben Reilly? No. There is no future for him. Kaine's the only clone happening.

Q: The British version of Marvel from 15 years ago – any of the folks from that line to be integrated? No immediate plans. Quesada barely knew what she was talking about.

Q: Where is the best place in town for a Philly Cheesesteak? Some guy yells PHILADELPHIA.

Q: What Marvel storyline do you want to see on the big screen? Alonso wants Luke Cage. Singh wants Immortal Iron Fist: Born Again.

Q: Will Nova become an A-List character?  He already is, they think. He's in Ultimate Spider-Man on TV.

Q: Any plans for Marvel vs. DC?  Not at all.

Q: Black Panther by Christopher Priest to be collected? (I LOVE THIS GUY) Quesada brought him in for Marvel Knights, and loves that run, and he'd love to see it collected, too.

Q: Any plans to get an app for Android? Singh says there are plans to make it browser accessible. They are working on it, shooting for December but they want to do it right.

Q: Any plans for women stand alone comics?  Captain Marvel is one. A lot of strong female leads in Marvel NOW. Alonso says there is an X-book on the horizon that will make her very happy.

Q: What's the Age of Ultron about? There are plans they haven't announced yet.

Q: Can Matt Fraction, Slott and Hickman come here next year please? Also, to Axel, talking about Cyclops' Phoenix philosophy seeming crazy – the Phoenix is always bad, not good. Alonso says it is crazy, but at the end of Messiah Complex, Hope showed up in Alaska. Based on a hunch, he sent her off with Cable for 17 years, until Second Coming. After that, mutants started being born again. He believes Hope is linked to the saving of the species. He has no proof, he has faith. Alonso was always with Cyclops in the Schism – it's more practical.

Q: Any chance to reboot Spidey to be a scrawny little kid he used to be?  Ultimate Spider-Man was more that. The main Marvel U has him at 25 or 26 trying to make his way through the Marvel Universe. It's artistic freedom.