Funny Pages – #SDCC VS Friday the 13th

Can Comiccon Survive Friday the 13th?

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

As the costumed masses take to the streets of San Diego, for Comiccon, just bewarned it’s Friday the 13th… stuff is going to happen, funny stuff.


Dailymotion  – Man Flipped Out Through Sunroof (link)

Here’s something super scary just for the 13th.

And that’s why seatbelts are stupid!


Break  – Jason Visits His Acting Agent (link)

It’s a hard world in Hollywood for a slasher, serial killer.


College Humor – Kevin's Beard (link)

Kevin cuts down his one year beard in to a wicked variety of stylized hipster beards. As with most shaving, I’m assuming this ends in Hitler stash and then shame.


UCB Comedy – Stand Clear of The Closing Doors (link)

Taken live from the stage of Upright Citizens Brigade theater NY, this sketch with a New Yorkers worst nightmares… train doors.


Funny Or Die – Tell My Wife with C. Thomas Howell (link)

C. Thomas Howell gets laid out and lays it all on the line.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and get your slasher cosplay on.

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Here’s some bonus Comic Con fun: