Stoner Wants Redemption At Italian GP; The Ultimate Sports Fail

Casey Stoner prepares for Italian GP; check out the biggest motorbike fail ever.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The MotoGP World Championship continues in Italy this weekend and Aussie Casey Stoner is out for redemption for the mistake that cost him last Sunday’s points.

Honda teammate Dani Pedrosa won after the German Grand Prix event Stoner, who started in pole position, crashed on the last lap.

Defending champ Stoner slid off the track while attempting to overtake Pedrosa, and as a result lost a chance to take the overall first position on the rider’s standings. Instead Jorge Lorenzo moved four points-clear on the title board.

Stoner wasn’t great in last year’s Italian meet, but in his last season on the MotoGP circuit, he’s looking for a great result.

"I really enjoy the fast corners there, there are a lot of areas where we get a lot of wheel spin and a lot of fast changes of direction. It's not a small dinky little track that you can't use these bikes on, it's somewhere where you can open the throttle up and actually get to full throttle," he said.

In other motorbike news, Italian Riccardo Russo suffered an embarrassing epic fail at the Italian CIV Championship last week, celebrating a lap too early.

His moment of joy cost him big time. Russo finished 14th.