Bond, James Bond / Con, Comic-Con

Comic-Con fans can enjoy a special look at James Bond's cars this week at the convention.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

As movie fans around the world await the arrival of the next Daniel Craig-fueled Bond movie, “Skyfall,” a celebration is already underway to commemorate the monster espionage franchise’s 50th Anniversary.

This week, that celebration is coming to San Diego and Comic-Con. For James Bond’s Golden Anniversary, MGM, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and EON Productions (the Bond movies’ home production company) are bringing 007 to Comic-Con. And they’re bringing something along for car lovers.

During the convention, fans will be able to get behind the wheel of one of four famous vehicles featured in a past Bond films. The cars start showing up today, with a new vehicle featured each day of the convention.

The Bond folks are keeping the car choices a secret for now. But it’s safe to say fans will get an eyeful of an Aston Martin DB4 from “Goldfinger,” a Vantage from “Casino Royale,”, a Lotus Esprit from “The Spy Who Loved me” and maybe the classic Mustang from “Diamonds Are Forever.”

Using RFID technology, fans will be able to take a photo with the vehicle and have it instantly uploaded to their social media profile. Bond lovers are encouraged to stop by the booth each day to catch sight of that day’s special wheels.

Props from the Bond archives representing 50 years of the iconic franchise will also be on display.

The whole event is to promote the BOND 50 Blu-ray collection available September 25, 2012.  BOND 50 features all 22 classic films on Blu-ray packaged into the prerequisite collectable box-set. There’s no word if the box will spray oil slicks, fire missiles or eject Blu-rays into the air.

The collection marks the debut of nine James Bond films previously unavailable in Blu-ray format. Such a set wouldn’t serve much of a purpose without bonus features, and this set comes with a dossier of more than 122 hours of them. The set also dispenses a vodka martini, lemon peel, shaken, not stirred.

All right. No, it doesn’t. But maybe it should.

Two special documentaries highlight the set – “The World of Bond” and “Being Bond.. According to the set’s promotional materials:

“The World of Bond” – The 007 films have a look, style and attitude that is signature Bond.  From the cars, to the women, to the villains and even the music, Bond films stand apart. “The World of Bond” takes the viewer through the best of five decades worth of classic James Bond in one thrilling montage.

“The World of Bond” showcases the fascinating and entertaining interplay among unforgettable moments of danger, seduction, adventure and a dash of that distinguished humor that fans have cherished from the beginning up until now.

To add to the experience, “The World of Bond” featurette will also offer a Pop-Up Trivia option to challenge even the sharpest of fans with little known facts and interesting trivia from the Bond Universe.

“Being Bond” – There’s only one James Bond – but he’s proven too much for only one actor to play the role.  In the franchise’s 50-year run, six distinguished actors have taken on the part and secured a spot in cinematic history. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, and Daniel Craig each reflect on the impact and importance of taking on such a famous role.  With this piece, gain insight into what each actor brought to the character and discover how they shaped the world’s most timeless secret agent. 

Fans who pre-order the set on-site at Comic-Con will get a limited edition Bond 50th anniversary t-shirt on the convention floor. If you’re on of those fans, in attendance this week in San Diego, look for the Bond 50 Booth – #3528.