7 Videos of Batman in Real Life

They’re less effective at crime fighting outside of Gotham.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The Dark Knight is on a never-ending mission to rid Gotham of crime, motivated by the brutal death of his parents. Meanwhile, in the real world, these dudes dressed up as Batman are on a never-ending mission to dick around their respective cities. Here are 7 videos of Batman in real life:


Toronto Batman vs. Toronto Spider-Man in Subway Train

These two look legit.


The Dark Knight IRL

He’s going so fast!


Slovakian Batman

I… am… Slovakian Batman? Doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Hollywood Spider-Man and Hollywood Batman Team-Up

To fight… crime?


Batman Gets Pulled Over

Batman should be allowed to speed.


Las Vegas Batman Is Soundly Defeated

That man gets to become the new Batman.


The Real Batman?

He’s more… batty in real life.


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