7 Screenshots of Despair

Even your computer thinks you should go out more.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Some say the internet has made us more isolated. Perhaps the internet itself is trying to warn us about that? In this new meme, users take screenshots that seem to reveal hard-to-confront truths about themselves. Welcome to Therapy 2.0! Here are 7 screenshots of despair:


Chris’ Calendar

He hasn’t added “sit in front of TV and eat stale donuts all day” to his to-dos.


Your Smile

Apparently, they prefer your frowns and sighs.


iTunes Advises…

Damn it, I knew I wasn’t going to get that promotion.


Live Friends

Dead friends… maybe.


Cancel Your Account?

0 friends, you say? Hmm… that is a tough one.



However, there are plenty of results for “live with a cat.”


Lonely Road

Google Maps knows where you are, both physically and emotionally.


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