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There is no "i" in team, but there is a "u" in suck and Funny!

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Get your comedy cravings with the funny pages, bringing you the featured videos from the webs biggest sites in comedy videos!

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Dailymotion  – Greatest Moonwalk Ever? (link)

Hey Physics, suck my walk! This is some amazing legwork!


Break  – All 135 Space Shuttle Launches At Once (link)

Typically break is the place to see people getting kicked in the junk, falling off stripper poles, or just bouncing their bootys…. But this is a cool conceptual piece. You’ll probably want to full screen it… and matter of fact rent out a movie theater .


College Humor – Team Building (link)

Yay Dinosaur office returns with some good old-fashioned inner office trust exercises.


Dorkly – Boos Meet a Real Ghost (link)

Another team member joins the ghost team!


UCB Comedy – Louis Vuitton Premium Canned Specialties (link)

I’m not exactly sure UCB remembers what comedy is, but there’s this.


Funny Or Die – Sex Game of Thrones (link)

And this is what team work is all about!

Thank god for Cooper Harris, and robes that come off!


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and unleash your sword king slayer!

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