Marvel Cancels NINE Books To Make Room For NOW

"Final Issue" October solicitations for both FF books, Mighty Thor, Incredible Hulk, Captain America and more.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Fantastic Four

To be fair, these are likely less cancellations than they are "give them a break before relaunching them with new #1s," but now that the October solicitations are out, we've learned that nine Marvel titles, many of them enduring mainstays, will be publishing their final issues that month, and thus are ending for the near future in the wake of the Marvel NOW refresh project.

The books put on ice are Fantastic Four, FF, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Legacy, New Mutants, The Mighty Thor, The Invincible Iron Man, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk.

We know Uncanny Avengers is coming in October, followed in November by Brian Michael Bendis' All-New X-Men, then in December by Jonathan Hickman's Avengers and in January by his New Avengers.

The quote from Marvel's Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso about this whole "not the New 52" reboot project was thus: “I feel that it’s a much more humane approach for retailers and fans to tell them: ‘Look. In the months of October through February, every week you can go into a comic book store and find a few new jumping-on points for the Marvel Universe, a place you’re going to like visiting. Or revisiting."

Alonso also mocked the New 52's troubles. “Marvel NOW! starts with the creators, so don’t expect writer shake-ups across the line by the fourth or fifth issue, or half the titles to get cancelled and replaced by a new #1. We aren’t throwing $#!# at a wall, seeing what falls off and then replacing it with more $#!#. [Laughs] We’re building books we expect to last.”

So they're doing a slow roll out of other new #1 issues. We might find out more in November – maybe these are only short hiatuses to direct attention to Uncanny Avengers to set up the new-look Marvel Universe. With Hickman's epic run on the FF books coming to a close, it almost makes sense to take a breather before Matt Fraction comes on board with his take, as has been rumored. We can only hope that they're not reverting them back to the old blue and black look, because the Future Foundation costumes are really snazzy.

It also plays in to Ed Brubaker's crazy great seven-year run on Captain America ending, while at the same time also putting some space between Jason Aaron's disastrous Hulk run and whatever comes next. UXM being set aside makes a little sense, too, given that Uncanny Avengers will be all about the fall-out from Avengers vs. X-Men, and All-New X-Men features the original five X-kids coming to the future and hating what they find, so there's likely a lot of new status quo elements to sort out before gearing UXM back up. How likely is it that X-Men Legacy and New Mutants will survive intact after the revamp? Not. Odds are any other X-books will be very much rejiggered.

Don't panic just yet. These titles are too big to be gone for very long. Let's just hope we like the new ideas they'll come back with.