Exclusive Teaser for ‘Head Smash’

Check out this teaser image for a comic book that's being made into a movie before it's even finished.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Head Smash

You hear a lot these days about comics being written more as storyboards for potential movie deals than for comics as a medium itself, but how often do you hear about a comic being turned into a movie before it has even been released – or even completed? Well, okay, Wanted was one. Now there's Head Smash.

Vlad Yudin of the Vladar Company, notable for the rap documentary Big Pun: The Legacy and the DJ Qualls/Nikki Reed film Last Day of Summer, will be writing and developing a film adaptation of Head Smash, a a graphic novel still being created for Arcana Comics by writer Erik Hendrix and artist Dwayne Harris.

This here's the synopsis blurb:

A sci-fi, thriller, action story set in a fantasy filled, lurid city of Ares and centers on an orphan named ‘Smash’ who finds a safe haven with a brutal syndicate – The Horde.

And here's the exclusive first look at Arcana's new graphic novel Head Smash, in the form of a teaser image. More to come from their panel at San Diego Comic-Con later this week.


Head Smash