Editorial: Capcom Deserves to be Boycotted

The Resident Evil and Street Fighter developers awful treatment of their fans will lead to an act of rebellion... hopefully.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Upon watching the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy prior to my viewing of The Amazing Spider-Man, it led me to conclude that maybe I was overreacting when I had previously proclaimed that Spider-Man 2 was the best film ever. Spider-Man 2 is not the best film ever and, in actuality, it isn't even a great film – it's simply an OK film that, in a post-Dark Knight world, makes me wonder how we didn't leave the cinema back in 2004 without looking at each other and questioning what the flying f**k we had just watched. "Did Aunt May just cling onto a building using the handle of her umbrella?", we'd say to each other if we had watched it in 2012. "Batman wouldn't do that".

Hindsight will also be the thing that in the year 2020 will see Kenzo Tsujimoto, then-former CEO of Capcom, ruefully mumbling into the bottom of an empty scotch glass in some seedy bar about how he should have appreciated his fans when he had them, and that Super Mega Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3.75 probably wasn't a good idea. At least, I hope that's what happens.

I don't make a habit of wishing ill fortune upon people (unless they use the word 'swag' as an adjective), but at this juncture, Capcom deserves every piece of backlash that they incite with their underhanded business strategies and blithe abuse of their fans' loyalty.

The latest straw thrown upon the camel's back is the announcement that the 12 previously announced DLC characters for Street Fighter x Tekken are set to be released at the end of this month – at a price tag of 1600 MS Points. To put that into perspective, critically acclaimed and universally applauded XBLA title Fez is 800 MS Points. Braid is 800 MS Points. Limbo is 1200 MS Points. None of these excellent games have ever been as expensive as SFxT's glorified character pack.

To make matters worse, it was discovered around the time of the game's launch that these characters are actually included on the disk, and that the DLC is simply an unlock code gamers download in order to access them – 1600 MS Points for nothing but a few kilobytes of data to give players entry to something which they have technically already purchased.

Capcom has since stated that they are "reevaluating" their policy with DLC and that they are "listening to their fans", but it is highly arguable that the only reason Capcom have even considered this is due to SFxT's underwhelming launch, shifting 1.4 million units out of an expected 2 million. It won't be long before Capcom has figured out another way to pilfer money out of their fans' wallets, before continuing with their fun-packed schedule of drowning puppies in buckets and spitting on orphans.

Unfortunately for Capcom, there is only so long that they can rely on the quality of their video games overshadowing their shady business practices, with gamers growing increasingly tired of being shovelled half-finished games only to be forced to wait upon a pricey DLC update – or, in the case of Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, an unnecessary retail release.

As appeared to be the case with the disappointing sales of SFxT, gamers are now showing their disapproval the only way that will cause Capcom any discomfort – by not purchasing their video games. While this boycotting may not be as apparent yet, and the inevitable success of Resident Evil 6 will likely cause a resurgence in their stocks,  the time will come when Capcom's loyal fans are hesitant to give them their hard-earned money. And as we know full well, money is the only language that Capcom speaks.

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