8 Funny Covers of “Kiss From A Rose”

Batman Forever lives forever in the comedy world.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Riddle me this, Batman: what does it mean to get a kiss from a rose on the gray? Follow-up question: when Seal sang “Kiss From A Rose” in 1994, part of the Batman Forever soundtrack, did he imagine the song would be sung ironically for so many years to come? Here are 8 funny covers of “Kiss From A Rose”:


Drunk Guy Version

Not a big Seal fan, huh cat?


Jack Black Version

Hail Satan!


Community Version

C’mon Jeffrey!


Minecraft Version

Adam Sandler’s son, everybody?


Chipmunk Version

They Chipwrecked it!


Cartman Version

Oh my God, he covered Seal!


Baby Seal Version

Sounds surprisingly like Adult Seal.


Metal Version – Failure To Excel

Original song improved: +200 points!


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