First Look at ‘Uncanny Avengers #1’ Cover

Marvel NOW is changing things up, and one of them is how Marvel does their cover art, bub.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Uncanny Avengers #1

You heard about Marvel NOW earlier in the week – Marvel's post-Avengers vs.X-Men refresh that's pointedly not a New 52-style reboot. The flagship title of that effort is Uncanny Avengers by Rick Remender and John Cassaday, which replaces Remender's Secret Avengers.

The pitch for this one is that a team made up of both Avengers and X-Men has to come together to face threats too big for individual teams to handle. Thus, we've got a line-up which includes a very surly-looking Captain America and a surly-and-thus-normal-looking Wolverine, alongside X-Folk Havok and Rogue, and Avengers Thor and Scarlet Witch. Oh, boy, mutants working with the Witch. That'll be something.

Here's the first look at the cover for Uncanny Avengers #1.


Uncanny Avengers #1


Very different than your standard comic book cover art, at least as far as logo placement, which is apparently a big deal to Marvel honcho Joe Quesada.

“We’re no longer going to be locked into where our logos are placed," Quesada says, "which has traditionally been the top third of our covers, and we’re going to start to look at our covers with an eye towards strong design and commerciality above all else. What’s going to attract the reader’s eye, what's going to make them want to buy that particular title? That's the first question our artists and editors are going to ask themselves.”

Commerciality above all else. That's an unsettling precedent, and would explain the notion that Cap's adopting a movie-esque look with the headgear. Fare thee well, little tiny head-wings. Also, Havok's big onion-peel headgear is gone but implied in much the same way Cap's wings are. Then there's Wanda Maximoff sans billowy cape-cloak looking all business, and Rogue looking like maybe she has a nose ring now, but probably not. With any luck, this will be a book where we get to read about Rogue without ever having to read about Gambit.

We do trust in Remender, and it's cool to see he's going to get to play with the biggest guns of the Marvel Universe. Will he stay as dark and twisted as he is on Uncanny X-Force and was on Venom? He might have to be, if he's concocting threats big enough for a team like this.