Injured NBA Star Hobbles Out of Nightclub

This NBA MVP got caught on camera after hours and some fans might not like what got captured.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It's a well known fact that sports stars are much akin to top celebrities in that their every move is watched and dissected. Then, if something is the very least controversial, it can be expected to grace the front page of some, if not most, news establishments. That's life in the spotlight and the downside of signing those huge contracts and being plastered across commercials and billboards.

The latest athlete to feel the sting of today's information-mad society is Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls.

Rose, for you non-NBA fans, is one of the most talented young point guards in the NBA. He won the league MVP two seasons ago and was poised to make a deep playoff run this past season until he tore his ACL — an injury that typically takes about a year to fully recover from.

Well, apparently Rose, and the required entourage that is needed if you are a big-time sports star, were seen out drinking into the early Friday morning. — where the story originated — has a video of the star limping heavily as he was leaving the Roxbury nightclub around 2 AM.

No big deal, right? He's just a young man having a good time on a summer night, right?


For any normal 23-year-old man, being in a bar after midnight is no big thing, but Rose gave up his rights to acting like a normal 23-year-old when he signed his first NBA contract.

Being a member of the Chicago Bulls, the face of the franchise who just signed a $95 million contract extension back in December, and healing from an injury that is expecting to make you miss at least half of the upcoming NBA season, means that you have certain obligations and image to uphold.

Neither his obligations to team and fans or his overall image is best served by hobbling around a bunch of intoxicated people in a bar after 1 AM, where any small slip up could mean further injury.

While it's understandable that athletes are people to, there is a certain common sense factor that they should employ when going out in public. Derrick Rose didn't, and while it's not something that ultimately will hurt him, it is something he should think twice about in the future.

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Photo Credit: AP