One-On-One Interview With Kelly Pavlik

Former WBO & WBO Middleweight Champion Kelly Pavlik started his come back over a year ago and he hasn't stopped.

Josh Helmuthby Josh Helmuth

Pavilk has battled many demons after losing his Middleweight crown to Serge Martinez in 2010. After being bloodied and beaten by Martinez, Pavilk checked himself into the Betty Ford Center for alcohol rehabilitation. Now clean and sober, Pavlik parted ways with his long time trainer Jack Low to go train with famed trainer Robert Garcia. Since then Pavlik has won three bouts in a row and is looking to keep the momentum going when he faces Will Rosinsky on HBO's Saturday night telecast of "Boxing After Dark".

I had a chance to catch up with Kelly and here's what he had to say:

CraveOnline: How are you Kelly?

Kelly Pavlik: Doing good, I'm good.

CraveOnline: A few weeks ago you defeated Scott Simon on ESPN and now you're facing Will Rosinsky on HBO on Saturday night. How does it feel to be back on HBO?

Pavlik: It feels good. That's why I took this fight. It's an opportunity that I couldn't pass up to be back on HBO against a good opponent. We're excited about it. I didn't have time to get out of shape. There were no injuries in the Simon fight. No sore hands..I didn't get banged up so we're ready to go.

CraveOnline: What kind of effect has that had on your preparation since you just fought a few weeks ago?

Pavlik: Nothing really. Even thou it was a week and a half off we still had to jam in training but that's given on a short notice fight and again It wasn't like I was off a month or two months. We were only off a very short period of time and I didn't have to come into the gym and leisurely work on the bag. Everything was fine. I'm healthy.

CraveOnline: You've been working with Robert Garcia for your last few fights. What has he helped you improve on the most?

Pavlik: Utilizing all of my weapons. Everybody knows I have the right hand and I've always had a real good jab and my left hand has always been a good strong punch but I never utilized it. I didn't work on it a lot. We've been working on hooks. Hooks to the body, hooks to the head. Uppercuts where I'm starting to bend now at the waist so instead of just throwing it stiff, I'm bending and firing. Defense, countering, rolling with the punches, firing back. Before I would block the punches and I had good defense. It looked like I was getting hit but I was blocking them but I wouldn't fire back. Where now I'm catching and throwing and firing right off the block. So I'm putting everything together. Working on everything.

CraveOnline: Let's talk about your opponent. From your observation was does Rosinsky bring to the table in this fight?

Pavlik: He's a tough kid. He's a tough guy. He comes to fight. He fights a little bit like Simon but a lot more polished and a lot better. A lot more skilled. He's not really fast but he's not slow. He's not a big power puncher but he's not a weak puncher. He's a guy that you can't go in there at all and take lightly or clown around with. He's gonna be a guy I gotta go in there with and work on everything we've been working on in the gym and look my best and put everything I've got into it.

CraveOnline: So let's say you get past Rosinsky. Who at 168 are you looking at next?

Pavlik: Whoever opens up. I told everybody else to that it's hard to pick a guy right now because nobody knows what's going to happen. Ward's got a fight coming up. Who knows what's going to happen with Froch and who he's gonna fight or Bute or any of these guys. Whatever big one opens up right now, that's the big thing.

CraveOnline: What is your ultimate goal in this come back?

Pavlik: World titles. Definitely win a world title. That's the big one right now.

CraveOnline: Kelly, what will happen on July 7th?

Pavlik: I will win. I never predict a knockout or anything like that definitely a W.

CraveOnline: Thank you and good luck.

Kelly Pavlik will be facing Will Rosinsky live on HBO's Boxing After Dark July 7th.


Photo Credit: AP