8 Swimming Cats

Cats hate water… or do they?!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When you try to give a cat a bath, they scratch your arms off. However, some cats are all about the water and instinctually know how to swim. They’re not gonna give Michael Phelps a run for his money anytime soon, but sea otters now have competition in the cute swimming category. Here are 8 swimming cats:


Neo: The Cat Who Swims In The Sea

He is… The One. (Actually, he’s not.)


Cats Can Learn To Swim

Next: they learn to topple our governments.


Swimming In The Pool

It just isn’t a pool party without Pool Party Cat.


Diving Cat

“Laugh it up,” thinks the cat. “You’ll all be sorry… after I’m dry and I’ve been fed and I’ve taken a long nap.”


Another Sea Swimming Cat

If I was planning to hold a cat who had just been in water, I’d wear body armor.


Fishing Cat

Watch out, tuna!


Swimming In The Tub

She’s doing the batting-at-invisible-things stroke.


Cat Swimming With Dog

The dog is like, “what’s the big deal?”


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