The Big List: San Diego Fireworks Fiasco! 50 Shades of Babies!

50 Shade of Grey may lead to a freaky baby boom. Plus: San Diego’s 4th of July ruined.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Time to get married to the most famous Scientologist, become one yourself, have a child, realize how crazy and weird that “religion” is, secretly lawyer up, use Scientology’s teachings to escape with your kid and check out these links!


Katie Holmes Uses Scientology Against Itself

In related news, the Scientology Celebrity Center just spontaneously combusted.


50 Shades of Grey Could Lead To Baby Boom

The Stork is really into S&M. [Image via]


San Diego Set Off All Its 4th of July Fireworks At Once

Premature e-jubilation?


Lifeguard Fired For Rescuing A Swimmer,b=facebook

Don’t go swimming in the “If You Die It’s Your Problem” zone.


56 Things You’ll Learn At The Biggest Christian Music Festival In The World

You can learn how to sweat to the oldies (from over 2000 years ago).


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, unless I'm kidnapped by Scientologists.


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