5 Wii U Games Nintendo Needs to Make Happen

Please, Nintendo, we need these in our lives!

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

There are varying opinions concerning the Wii U here at CraveOnline. I recently penned an article in which I claimed that Nintendo's E3 presentation of their new console had underwhelmed me, which prompted Joey Davidson to pen a response article in which he detailed how he believed that I am, in the nicest way possible, completely wrong.

But regardless of your opinions concerning Ninty's follow-up console to the divisive Wii, it is an inevitability that it will launch this year, and as such I felt that I should write this list of games that I want – scratch that – NEED to see on it to sate my hungry gamer appetite.


1. F-Zero

The fact that it is set to be included in the Wii U's mini-game collection Nintendo Land makes me optimistic that we will see a new F-Zero game in the near future, after Nintendo seemed to forget about its existence throughout the course of the Wii's lifespan. F-Zero GX for the Gamecube was an underrated classic, and with Nintendo now finally giving up the fight against online gaming, this has all the potential to be the Wii U's definitive racer… well, aside from that little go-carting franchise they have up their sleeve.


2. Fatal Frame


Although not as well-known to western audiences (its last sequel, Fatal Frame IV: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, didn't even get a release on these shores) Fatal Frame's core concept is one that translates perfectly to the Wii U Gamepad's design. You take control of an atypical teen damsel in distress (equipped with an inappropriately short skirt) who must defeat ghosts by taking photographs of them. Although the concept sounds a little contrived, it works terrifyingly well in practice. And by turning the gamepad into an impromptu camera, where the player can only see the ghosts by looking at its touchscreen, it sounds too perfect of a concept for Nintendo to not have considered it.


3. Animal Crossing Online

The possibilities for an online Animal Crossing game are truly endless. Without wanting to turn it into FarmVille, the ability to help each other develop your villages via the Miiverse and show off your home to your friends is a prospect that has me salivating at the thought. Animal Crossing: City Folk for the Wii saw the player able to travel to a city outside of his small village, but what if the Wii U Animal Crossing allowed you to develop your small village into a city – like Sim City, but infinitely cuter and with less alien attacks?


4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Although more comfortable on handhelds than home consoles, the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series would translate well to the Wii U, with the gamepad allowing players to compile their evidence without the aid of a menu.


5. Pokémon


Look, Nintendo, I understand that it's profitable for you to keep Pokémon as an exclusive for your handhelds. But please, please just let us have one li'l home console version? The gamepad would be perfect for this series, and instead of aping the handheld series by having battles take place in a turn-based fashion, the gamepad would make scrolling through menus to choose attacks/items unnecessary, meaning that they could take place in REAL TIME. Think of how exponentially awesome that would be – quickly ordering commands at your Pokémon like a football management simulator, viewing the battle stats on the gamepad's screen whilst all the action takes place on the television. If you could make that a reality, Nintendo, I would take back everything bad I have ever said about your company, profess my love for you and then burst into an impromptu rendition of the Poké Rap.

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