Fundraisers held for ill comedian Mike MacDonald

Funnyman in dire need of a new liver.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Canadian comedian and legend in the comedy world Mike MacDonald is gravely sick and urgently needs a liver transplant after contracting Hepatitis C.

According to an article from the Winnipeg Free Press, MacDonald, who was born to a Canadian Air Force officer in France, was diagnosed with Hep C last year, with some speculating that it was a result of using hard drugs in the earlier stages of his career. His condition has quickly gone downhill in the last several months, and both his liver and kidneys have shut down. He is staying in Ottawa with his mother while his wife tries to sell their home in LA. In an effort to help the ailing MacDonald, a number of top-notch comedians have joined forces and are putting on shows to raise money for his transplant.

"There's a lot of respect and admiration, and a willingness (for performers) to lend their time, that comes out of respect for the artist," said Al Rae, a veteran comedian and artistic director of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, to Winnipeg Free Press. "Clearly, Mike MacDonald is an extraordinary performer who has moved people and continues to do so."

There will be a number of fundraising events held at Yuk Yuk's comedy clubs across the country. In Los Angeles on Wednesday, The Laugh Factory hosted a fundraiser with MC (and Canadian) Jeremy Hotz and featuring another Ottawa-born performer, Tom Green. In all 20 clubs will be involved featuring more than 100 comics, the Ottawa Citizen reported. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so here.

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