The Cat That Went Viral

Cat playing guitar + earthquake. Not bad.

Robert Whiteby Robert White

The No.3 most viewed video on YouTube this week, with nearly 400,000 views, is Cat in Earthquake Melbourne June 2012 and is, essentially, just that.

Check out below as Steven the cat goes on fairly undisturbed while plucking at strings while the earthquake shakes the room around him.

Matt Bowyer, from MindBoggler, a creative digital publishing business, helped Steven go viral and thinks the video has become such a hit because “people associate with a small creature experiencing such an epic communal event”. That and it is a funny cat video.

The video made news not only in Victoria, but across Australia and parts of the world, and in turn has sparked pretty hot debated regarding its authenticity.

MindBoggler specialises in these types of videos, the ones that trend worldwide and spark intense debate over their genuineness. If you're clever enough, you would have already figured it out, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds of people debating the issue online.

Whether it’s fake or not is not really the point, but the question certainly fuels a lot of online speculation and discussion which then drives more hits,” said Matt.

“If people are calling your video 'fake' and 'gay' then you tend to be on the right track!”

The 5.2 magnitude June earthquake, the first of that size in the state for over 100 years, didn’t cause a whole lot of pain for the citizens of Melbourne, but it's still making news.

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