That Killed Me: Emma Stone on The Amazing Spider-Man

Protecting Gwen Stacy's legacy, hoping for the tragic ending and her upcoming role in Gangster Squad.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


Emma Stone impressed the press conference for The Amazing Spider-Man with her knowledge of Gwen Stacy birthing little Norman Osborns and going to London in the comic books. Being granted some exclusive one on one time with Stone, we got to delve even deeper into her knowledge of the comic book character she brings to life in The Amazing Spider-Man.


CraveOnline: I remember Dylan Baker played your father on the show “Drive” and he played Curt Connors in the previous movies. Did you think about that?

Emma Stone: Completely, absolutely. I should’ve sent an e-mail. That was not very cool of me. He’s such a wonderful person.


Fans maybe weren’t as happy with the last Gwen Stacy in the movies, nothing against the actress, but how she was incorporated. How did you process that?

Well, I think that the only thing that they probably were unhappy about was that it was physically impossible for Gwen to be there around Peter and Mary Jane’s engagement. Obviously if you know the story of Gwen Stacy, you know that that literally could not happen. So that might be part of what that was, which I understand now, knowing the history and knowing the story, I feel very protective of Gwen’s story and how she affected Peter’s life ultimately with Mary Jane because he is a very different man with Mary Jane because of Gwen, than if Mary Jane had been his first love. So I understand. I understand being protective of Gwen as a fan.


Is this the first time you’ve had a presumably 3 picture deal where we know they sign you for multiple films?

Do we? [Laughs]


I was wondering if that was a nice thing as an actor to have that guarantee.

There is a really nice sense, if they want to have me back hopefully, there is a really nice sense of security because as an actor, you only have a job for as long as you shoot. Usually you’re used to only being employed for two months at a time which is pretty wild, so there is something nice about that. Also I’m just excited to tell all of Gwen’s story. Really I feel very lucky to be able to tell all that.


Knowing that if they choose to, it could be a tragic story?

I hope so.


What appeals to you about going that way?

I think it’s such a bold and daring choice of Marvel at the time. I think it made such a stamp in pop culture history. I think it’s hugely important for the development of Peter Parker’s character and the development of the Spider-Man story. I don't know, I just really, that was something that – I was going to use the wrong choice of words, I was going to say that killed me. Learning that was really something special to me, as awful and probably morbid as that sounds.


I don’t think that’s the wrong choice of words at all.

It’s pretty stunning.


Is this the first mention of cramps in the Spider-Man universe?

[Laughs] I think it might be. God, I hope they’re okay with that.


At least three characters in the movie comment on how pretty you are. Is that odd or nice?

Yeah, it’s, you know, it’s silly for me as a person. It’s nice of the characters to say.


Are you someone who says you’ve always felt like a dork?

No, I never felt like a dork. I felt cool. My activities were not cool, but I didn’t feel [bad about them.] Not that I felt cool. I wasn’t like I’m so cool. I had friends that were interested in the same things as me so I never felt like what I was doing was dorky. Plus, I think people that define dorky mean passion, so if passion is dorky then sign me up because I don’t understand what’s dorky as passion.


I don't think that’s what it originally meant, but we’ll take it now.

Well, what does it mean?


It means… I think, uh… You know, I don't know. What were your interests you thought weren’t cool?

I went home every day after school and built websites. That was what I did as a kid. I loved HTML and JavaScript. This was like 2000 so it was not too, too long ago but there weren’t any blogs or anything then. It was like Ezines and a lot of forums and chat rooms and stuff. So that’s what I thought I wanted to do is make websites. I was a computer kid.


Are any of those sites still up?

No, they’ve all been deleted because they were like on Angelfire and things like that, GeoCities. Well, I hated Geocities. I liked Angelfire because you could have the open forum, like the blank box to build from the ground up. So my HTML skills are probably so dated but I still know how to italicize and change font size and add frames and things like that, which probably don’t even exist anymore.


What are your thoughts on the “Zombieland” TV series?

I didn’t even know that. That’s awesome.


I don’t know if that means instead of a movie sequel.

Is it going to be the same characters?


Yeah, I think that’s the plan.

Wow, wild.


Do you have any casting ideas for Wichita?

No, no idea. I didn’t even know it was happening. I’ll have to think on that. That’s so cool.


Are you playing a real life person in Gangster Squad?

I am not. I am a fictional character but most of the characters are real.


What kind of character did they create for you?

Her name is Grace Faraday. She’s the girlfriend of Mickey Cohen who was an actual man of course, the mob boss of Los Angeles in 1949. She is also on the side having a little tryst with Jerry Wooters, another actual person but none of this occurred, who is one of the cops on the squad against Mickey Cohen to take him down.


What sort of research and preparation do you do for a movie like that?

For me in a movie like that, because she was fictional, I looked into the time period, learned the Mickey Cohen story and then went for the lilt. Because she came out to Los Angeles to be an actress, so when you went to acting school then, you basically were a triple threat. You sang, danced and acted and they had that kind of almost British accent from that time period. You know, when you watch movies from the ‘30s and forties they speak with that little bit of, “They talk like that.” It’s like a Katharine Hepburn-y kind of thing. So it was trying that out because she is playing a character so much of the time. She is an incredibly vulnerable woman who came out to be an actress and ended up a mobster’s girlfriend.


Will we see a very different side of you in that?

I don't know. I don't know what sides you’ve seen. It’s different. It’s different than anything I’ve done before, but I don't know.


How did you like your first awards season with The Help?

It was pretty wild. It’s nothing I ever thought I’d experience so it was pretty wild.


Any particularly magical moments?

When Octavia won the Oscar.