Epic Forth of July Fireworks Fails!

It’s 4th of July, whih means time to blow up some friends!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Yes as a time honored tradition in America eery July 4th, we set out to grill, swim, drink and blow the crap out of something, even if that something is another human being, or just ourselves. Here are some of the best firework fail videos of all time.

Please feel free to link and add your own – or tweet me @samproof with suggestions for another list!


The Original Crotch Rocket

This is probably one of the most famous and reuploaded firework fails of all time. So much so that I couldn’t be sure if I ever found the original. So at least this has a slo mo replay.


 The Human Firework

Cause everybody needs a friend that you can tape fireworks too.


Neighborhood Fireworks FAIL

And this is why we leave things to the pros.


Even the Pro’s Fail

Oh no…


How it should be… mostly

See this is how a fireworks show should go… right up until the point that it doesn’t. but hey the filmer is pretty excited no matter what.


and then there’s this

Talk about being the butt of all jokes