Don Larsen To Auction Prize Possession

The Yankee great is making a huge sacrifice for his grandkids' college education.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The quality of a parent can often be measured by the amount of sacrifices they are willing to make for the betterment of their children. For Don Larson, formerly of the New York Yankees, he crossed the line from being a good parent, or grandparent in this case, to being a great one when he recently announced that he would be auctioning off his most prized possession to pay for his grandchildren's college education.

The item he is selling is as one of a kind as you can get — the uniform he wore when he pitched the only perfect World Series game in MLB history back in 1956. Playing for the Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers, Larson was as lights-out as any pitcher has ever been. In fact, even Larson didn't know he was pitching a perfect game, he just thought it was a no-hitter.

He found out the awesome truth of it later in the locker-room.

Early estimates have the uniform selling for as high as $2 million dollars, according to Steiner Executive Vice President Brett Schissler. Schissler also stated that his company has already fielded several seven digit offers already.

Larson announced his intention to sell his famous off-white uniform with faded Yankee pinstripes in a press conference that featured announcer Bob Wolff playing a grainy audio recording of his broadcast from the perfect game. Listening to the 56-year-old play-by-play of Wolff calling out after out, Larsen stared off into the distance as his wife, Corrine, held his hand under the table and smiled.

Larsen said that after he struck out Dodgers pinch-hitter Dale Mitchell on a called third strike to end the game, "it felt like the world left my shoulders then."

"When Yogi jumped on me, I probably still haven't woken up yet," Larsen said, recalling the iconic moment after the game when the Yankees catcher leapt into his arms.

Steiner Sports Memorabilia will conduct the auction beginning Oct. 8, the 56th anniversary of Larsen's perfect game. Baseball enthusiasts worldwide will have the opportunity to place bids online or via phone for 56 days afterward.

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