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Wanna see More of Kate Upton? And some funny junk?

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Get your funny on and your Kate Upton off… wait, no promises there. But totally some funny videos, including a great movie trailer for Guess Who and Sonic the Hedgehog takes a new number two.


Dailymotion  – Subway Riders Caught on Video Tripping Over Stairs is Viral (link)

Let’s get your funny started with a real trip.


College Humor – Declaration of Email Signatures (link)

History is totally epic, I wander what kind of meme’s they had back then. Like ‘Angry King George Face’ and ‘Dumb RedCoat LolCat’


Dorkly – Sonic Gets Engaged (link)

Honestly, I expected this to be a lot faster.


Break  – Kate Upton GQ Outtakes NSFW (link)

And now here’s a great pair of… um… these are out takes, from Kate Upton!


Funny Or Die – Guess Who (link)

Another game based movie trailer is unboxed.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and climb some chutes slide down some ladders.

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