Jean Grey Returning in ‘Avengers vs. X-Men?’

Is she back as a cameo or back for good? Is she ever back for good? AvX will tell us soon.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

AvX #9

The Big Two sure like their chances at mainstream publicity, and Marvel's impending return of Jean Grey in the midst of this Avengers vs. X-Men malarkey centering around the Phoenix Force that so defined her managed to make Entertainment Weekly. They showed this little cropped chunk of cover art:


Jean Grey


Then claimed she'd be returning in those classic Marvel Girl duds and said "We can only confirm that her presence in the Marvel Universe will not be imaginary. This will not be part of the Ultimate line-up. She will not be a zombie hologram."

With the rumors of Secret Avengers becoming Uncanny Avengers post-AvX and the very likely giant green body part of the Hulk behind her there, we may have an A/X mash-up team going on, and since the Scarlet Witch is getting involved, there's a chance history will get completely reworked – and maybe that means the X-Men and Avengers were all one team back in the day. It would certainly play right into the rumors of a Marvel Relaunch swirling around. With the Phoenix Force, anything is possible, and apparently in a digital issue of Marvel Infinite, the Scotty Jive of the Phoenix FIve (aka Cyclops) created a fake version of her to confab with. 

That's all we know now, but hey, here's a teaser image of AvX #9 just released today.