Punisher: War Zone Return Teaser

All the 'This is War' teasers this week were actually leading up to another Frank Castle vs. Superheroes tale.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Punisher: War Zone

Marve sent out a different teaser image of a beat-up superhero/artifact every day this week with the tagline "This is WAR." Speculation was that it probably implied something about an upcoming Ultron War, but today, that was proven wrong by the release of this image.


Punisher: War Zone


All we know beyond this is that we'll find out more on the Sunday Comic-Con panel for Amazing Spider-Man.

So! Let us speculate on what might be happening here, shall we?

Will Greg Rucka's stellar Punisher title bring the fabled "Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe" type of story into actual canon? Maybe with a story arc entitled "War Zone" wherein he seeks to punish the Avengers for being dicks during Avengers vs. X-Men? Or will Rucka continue to operate on his own series, with a new crew bringing a second Punisher title online? Or might this just be yet another entry into the aformentioned non-canon Punisher vs. Everybody fantasy story?

We don't know yet. But there will be gunfire.