Brett Favre Comments On Current Crop Of QB’s

The retired (for now) gunslinger gives his thoughts on some of today's pigskin slingers.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Brett Favre is back baby!

Ok, maybe not under center. He is still retired for those of you who are rushing towards the nearest ledge upon reading that first sentence, but at least he's back on the media radar.

The man who both baffled and delighted us more than a few years past his prime recently sat down with NFL Network's Deion Sanders and covered a wide series of topics, ranging from his thoughts on 'Bounty-Gate' to his opinion on some of the more scintillating QB topics going around this offseason.

Below is a breakdown of his comments when asked about certain quarterbacks as well as his reaction to the bounty placed upon him during his last great shot at another SuperBowl when he suited up for the Minnesota Vikings.

On Tony Romo:

"Romo is probably more like me than any of those guys," Favre said. "Way too much is cast upon him — good, bad. It's Dallas and much is expected. He's carried those guys. But I'm watching last year — and I like Tony, I like the way he plays, at times he's underrated — but I'm watching and right before the snap, he's telling guys [to get into position and they don't know what they're doing.]

"How in the world are you going to have a positive play when the ball is coming and you're telling a guy [to get into position, the ball is snapped] and then he'll make something out of nothing. That's part of being a great quarterback is sometimes it's not going to go. As a coach, they would love to sit there and say, 'It's going to be five steps, you're going to hitch up into a perfect pocket, you're going to look at number one — no; you're going to go to number two — no.' It doesn't work that way."

On Drew Brees:

"Brees is another one that is kind of like [Tom] Brady. Different player — size is different, the mechanics are different — but it's amazing what Brees does. Now, he has some pretty good guys around him, but I don't think it really matters. You take [Reggie] Bush out and you throw in [Darren] Sproles — they thrive."

On the QB tandem of Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez quarterback controversy:

"Tebow first of all will obviously handle it with class, regardless of what they try to put on him. I don't really know Mark that well, but he's handled himself well considering the circumstances. [New York] is a tough place but the right coach is there."

On Aaron Rodgers:

"I knew when I left, this guy has all of the tools; he can beat you with his feet, he has a great arm, extremely accurate, handles the cast around him perfectly," Favre told Sanders. "That's the key sometimes, and that's what [Tom] Brady has done: regardless of who you put out there, he's good. That to me is the mark of a good quarterback."

On the 'Bounty-Gate' Scandal:

"People ask me about it at home, because everyone back home [in Mississippi] was Saints fans," Favre told Sanders. "I grew up a Saints fan, an hour from the Superdome.”

"My feeling, and I mean this wholeheartedly, is that I really don't care. What bothers me is we didn't win the game. And they didn't take me out of the game. They came close, but a lot of people have come close. I'm too stubborn to come out. Plus, that was kind of a big game. I'm not going to sit the last three minutes. I'm going to go out there with bones sticking out of the skin, I'm going to finish it."

Overall, it's good to see Favre re-embracing the media, at least in a small sense. It's my belief that the gutsiest QB to ever play the game still has a lot to offer the sport which made him famous.

Just not on the field, please.

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