Exclusive Clip: Behind the Scenes of Wrath of the Titans

Explore the underworld of Tartarus in this exclusive sneak peak of Wrath of the Titans, available June 25th on DVD, Blu-ray and download.

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"In the underworld, you can see the underside of Earth. You can underneath the oceans, you can see what the bottom of mountains look like."

Take an exclusive look behind the scenes in this sneak peak at Wrath of the Titans on DVD, Blu-ray and download on June 25th. The film stars Sam Worthington as Perseus, who after the events of the previous film has settled into a quiet life. But mankind's faith in the gods has diminished, and their power to imprison Kronos, the father of the gods and the titan of the title, who would lay waste to the world. Perseus will once again have to take up arms to defend humanity from the Greek pantheon. In this clip, take a look at what went into the creation of Tartarus, Kronos's prison at the center of the world.