What’s Happening On The Web This Week: Sorkinisms

Aaron Sorkin gets supercut to Hell. Plus: Church choir performs “Hot In Herre!”

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Wanna know what’s happening on the web this week? Sorkin repeats, racist ad feat, church enjoys the heat, a kitten treat, and an age test that can’t be beat. Here’s the week in viral:


Sorkinisms – A Supercut

If you haven’t seen this Aaron Sorkin supercut, then you haven’t seen Shakespeare the way it’s meant to be done.


See Asia Like Asians Do

People consider this tourism ad racist? I don’t see it. Maybe if I pull on my eyes so they’re slanty… [via]


It’s Getting Hot In Here, So Take Off All Your Robes

I am getting so hot, I’m gonna worship Jesus?


Age Test

“Who’s that middle one? Is he the dragon from My Little Ponies?” [via]


A Den of Kittens

Caution: Cuteness Overload!


See you next week for more links and don’t talk to me like I’m other people!


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