Hey Scotty. Jesus, Man!

7 mashups of the 90’s funniest Christian teen drama.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Second Glance was a Christian drama from 1992, about a high school teen who struggles with his faith. One particular clip shows the film’s earnestness, religiousness, and likely terribleness – all factors that can contribute to the creation of a meme. Here are 7 mashups of “Hey Scotty. Jesus, Man!”


Hey Scotty… Jesus, Man! (Original)

Jesus is awesome! *Guitars*


Hey Jesus… Scotty Man!

Flip that clip. (Flip it goooood!)


Jesus, Man: Miami

Looks like Scotty’s got… a cross to bear. *Sunglasses*


Hey Rocco

Go Go Power Saviors!


Jesus, Pokeman

Gotta pray for ‘em all!


Man, Jesus

We are through the looking glass, people…


Satan, Man

His locker number? 666. The math adds up.



Eventually he's betrayed by The Incredible Judas.


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