Cardio World – Ep 6: I’m Seriously Ready to Get Serious. Seriously.

You WANT to lose weight; you WANT to get in shape; you WANT to clean up your diet and get healthier…so what’s/who’s stopping you?

Becky Youngby Becky Young

Um, ‘You?’

In CARDIO WORLD Episode 6 Alicia tackles the very thing(s) that can mean the difference between a hot summer and a scary one: personal MOTIVATORS.

They don’t have to make sense to anyone but you, nor do you need to broadcast them – they just actually have to exist. Finding the thing(s) that will get YOU up, out and moving when it’s the last thing on earth you feel like doing (even if you have a raid in two hours) is part if the process.

Getting in shape is easy – but it does take discipline. 'Discipline' is a much sweeter pill to swallow when coupled with a clear visual of yourself on the beach in a bikini to keep you stepping on the stepmill.

He he.

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