Exclusive: 20th Century Fox Introduces ‘Own the Moments’ App

Get a daily movie moment on your iPhone and Android and comment, save and share with your friends.

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Twentieth Century Fox has just premiered a new app for the iPhone and Android, and you're hearing about it first at CraveOnline. It's called Own the Moments, and it sends you a new movie moment every day from the extensive 20th Century Fox library to share, like, and comment on these moments with your friends. 

We took a hands-on first look at Own the Moments, and found an already interesting collection of clips and stills from Avatar, Bull Durham, Moulin Rouge, Wall Street, Man on Fire, Last of the Mohicans, Rocky, Napoleon Dynamite and more. Then again, with the somewhat random nature of the application's offerings, there's also a clip from Bride Wars out there. But hey, at least there's something for everyone.

The clips load quickly and play in solid quality, although they also have "YouTube" in the corner, raising a few questions as to the exclusivity of the content. It's free at the moment, however, so why don't you give it a try and see if you enjoy the interface and daily offerings?


Download for iPhone 

Download for Android

Official Site: http://www.ownthemoviemoments.com/

On Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/ownthemoments/