Let’s Talk to the Cast of American Reunion

The boys and girls of American Pie have grown up, and we've got them all talking about this little reunion of theirs.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


All the original American Pie cast are back for American Reunion. With a cast that big, pairs of actors gave press conferences about returning to the characters they made famous (and vice versa) in 1999. We got a question or two in with each group and assembled them into one mega conversation with the cast of American Reunion.


CraveOnline: When you heard talk about a reunion movie with all the original cast, was this an easy yes or a tough sell?

Thomas Ian Nicholas: When I first heard the rumblings of it even four years ago, that there was this idea that we might do a reunion, I of course was excited. I thought it would be fun. I thought it would be very difficult to bring everyone’s schedules together and was curious if everyone would want to reprise their roles. And I was surprised to find out that everyone had a special place in their heart for their characters and this franchise as I did.


Are these easy characters to slip back into?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: The thing about this whole movie, just once we were all back together and seeing everyone, it didn’t take long for us. It was like, “Oh right. I do this and then Biggs does something ridiculous and embarrassing and then Seann hits me in the balls and then we make a bunch of money at the box office.

Seann William Scott: I don’t think I ever hit you in the balls. Not really.

Eddie Kaye Thomas: That’s not true.

Seann William Scott: There’s still time.

Eddie Kaye Thomas: There’s still time.

Seann William Scott: I would say the first day I thought about Stifler because I was lucky to be a part of the process early on putting this thing together. It wasn’t like I just got the script a couple of month before or I was doing something else. I mean, I was excited to play the character and I thought about what I wanted to be. But then, actually doing it the first day, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I was tripping over myself a little bit. Then, like you said, after a day, all of a sudden we were all back having fun.


Do you ever wish that Stifler had stayed more of a background character even though it’s been such a great opportunity for you as an actor?

Seann William Scott: Well, it’s more fun having a chance to do more things, but I think he works well in this one. I have to watch it again. Truthfully, I’ve seen it three times, and as much as I like how the Stifler stuff came off, I love everybody in the movie. I was like wow, there’s this relationship, everything he does, there’s so many jokes. So, I’m thinking that he wasn’t overused because I didn’t feel like it was detrimental to the project. I came out and I was like wow, the movie’s got a lot of romance. It’s got a lot of heart to it and a lot of nostalgia. I think it’s worked alright.


Did you have any fears about playing the same characters you played 10 years ago?

Thomas Ian Nicholas:I think the only concern I had was just doing the character justice and the film as a whole justice and staying true to that. Obviously through the course of the film, we’ve noticed for instance the growth of Stifler’s character and how much more he’s in the film as compared to the first one. But it’s also very important to maintain Kevin as the straight man of the comedy group and not to give into the humor and let him still be that sounding board so that Stifler can still have those funny jokes and make fun of my beard.


What was it like reshooting the poster in the exact same configuration as the original poster?

Chris Klein: At first I didn’t get it. I was like wait a minute, what’s going on? This feels strangely familiar. I think I missed the note that we were recreating the very first. I think I missed the note so I was like wait, this seems vaguely, maybe we’ve done this before. Shouldn’t we have an original idea or something? And they were like oh, no, no, the idea is to re[make it.] I’m like oh, whoa, we’re doing a great job. Okay, here we go.


Was it surreal?

Mena Suvari: I mean, that’s exactly the word that I’ve been using. It really was. I feel like it was surreal. There’s just so much magic around this film coming together that I was just really staying in this feeling of excitement and gratitude the whole time.

Chris Klein: It is. It’s excitement and gratitude. We have such a beautiful time making these movies. The chemistry that we see as audience members in these movies is palpable and you can’t act that. You can’t create that. That is something that either exists in films or it doesn’t. You guys are experts. You’ve watched enough movies where the chemistry isn’t there and in these it is. We believe in these characters and we can follow these characters. To be a part of something like that for 13 years now and to revisit that it’s a really, really cool thing. We’re having a lot of fun.


Jason, when you read the dominatrix scene, were you like “Is that all you got, guys? I’m Jason Biggs!”

Jason Biggs: Yeah, I’m like “Come on guys, step up to the plate. Don’t be a pussy. Let’s do this, all right?” Sorry about my language. It’s that time of day. I’m also that type of person always. Actually it’s funny because the dominatrix scene was in the earlier drafts and I was like “This is great. This is funny. I think that’ll be really funny. But what’s the next step? There’s more to do here. How much further can we go?” That’s one of the biggest challenges because now that you have these characters who are in their thirties, it’s tougher to credibly find these situations where you can push these boundaries and put them in these ridiculous scenarios that are believable, aren’t gratuitous, that aren’t awkward [or] just illegal in some way. I mean, they’re older. Some of the things they did in the previous films would be not acceptable for a 30-year-old. They had to update it, if you will, so that’s why the penis scene, I think, works organically, organ being the appropriate root word there.


Alyson, was it natural to you that Michelle would become the dominatrix?

Alyson Hannigan: Yeah. I mean, she was in the first film. Right? I mean she pretty much…

Jason Biggs: She was. You made me your bitch.

Alyson Hannigan: Absolutely. Still are.

Jason Biggs: I always will be.

Alyson Hannigan: So yeah, I definitely am, and especially if she is feeling responsible for letting the sparks fade a little on their sexual life because she’s been so focused on being a mom. So she sees this weekend as a way to reinvigorate their lives and remind themselves of where they started. So yeah, definitely.


Of all the cast in 13 years, who’s changed the most?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: I’ll tell you what was crazy was getting on set and you show up like I think someone would for a reunion. I’m going to go to set and show them how cool I am and how much I’ve grown and I’m still an idiot. I felt like everyone was themselves. Oh yup, there’s Klein. There’s Biggs and there’s Seann. People stayed pretty consistent. Seann’s beard is getting a little gray though.

Seann William Scott: Yeah, I get a lot of gray.

Eddie Kaye Thomas: That’s wild.

Seann William Scott: A lot of gray. But it’s true, that was the amazing thing. We had a table read. This was the first time we all got together and read the script for the first time and I hadn’t seen a lot of people for ten years. What was great was that everybody was in such a good place and all the characteristics and all the things that we loved about each other were all there but kind of more grown up. It made the experience even more fun because there was just more substance to the conversations that we were having. Although then there were a lot of times where Biggs would be hitting us in the balls and doing, not the fake masturbation, what is the name of it?

Eddie Kaye Thomas: The self-hating masturbator.

Seann William Scott: These guys came up with the self-hating masturbator. Clearly we haven’t grown up that much. The self-hating masturbator!

Eddie Kaye Thomas: You can imagine Jason Biggs as a self-hating masturbator.

Seann William Scott: It’s good!

Eddie Kaye Thomas: Enjoy!