Watch The First 3 Minutes of ‘Falling Skies’ Season 2

Tom Mason may be missing, but his oldest sons pick up the slack in a pitched battle against the alien invaders.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

At the end of the first season of "Falling Skies," Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and the resistance fighters of the 2nd Mass scored humanity's first victory against the aliens who had invaded the Earth and decimated the armies of the world.  

However, the aliens responded by sending the mind controlled Karen (Jessy Schram) to blackmail Tom into surrendering himself to them in order to save his son, Ben (Connor Jessup) from their influence, as an alarmed Captain Weaver (Will Patton) looked on.

In the first preview from the second season premiere of "Falling Skies," we see that Tom went through with his surrender before cutting to three months later, as Weaver leads the 2nd Mass into battle against the aliens once again. In the clip, former renegade, John Pope (Colin Cunningham) appears to be firmly entrenched with his rivals, Dai (Peter Shinkoda) and Anthony (Mpho Koaho)

We also see that Margaret (Sarah Sanguin Carter) has her hands on a big gun and that both Ben and Hal Mason (Drew Roy) have stepped up to fill the void left by their missing father. Ben also seems to have developed an intense hatred towards his former captors, as he graphically demonstrates in the closing seconds of this preview.


"Falling Skies" will return to TNT on Sunday, June 17.

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