Nike Takes Over The NFL

Nike announces at a joint press conference in New York City that they are now the sole provider of apparel for the National Football League.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

You would have thought you were walking into a rock concert as you sat down in the stands on the back lot at Steiner Movie Studios in Brooklyn, NY.  The combination of a gigantic video wall, a state of the art sound system and more lights than can be found on the strip in Las Vegas created quite an atmosphere.

But then again, Nike and the NFL are like the Rolling Stones and Beatles of the sports world.  Nothing less should be expected as Nike and the NFL officially announced their new union.  From now until the unforeseen future, Nike will be the sole producer of apparel for the National Football League.

"When you look at Nike and you look at the NFL, one thing we share in common is, we believe in better," NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell said. "We believe we can make it better, we believe we can make football better, we believe we can make athletes' performance better and we can make the fans' experience better."

Ok so… I think they believe that the new partnership is going to make a number of thing better?  That's just my personal interpretation of course.

Let's take a look at the new uni's:  (They look sick in person by the way.)

And the new under-uniform gear:

New York Giants Wide Receiver, and Super Bowl Champion, Victor Cruz made an appearance on stage to talk about the new uniforms.

"What I need from a uniform is just comfort," Cruz said. "Making sure I can be comfortable while using the least amount of effort as possible.  I think these Nike jerseys have done that.  It's conformed it fits your body, it's tight, you can't get pulled or snagged on.  So, I think that's the biggest thing for me, is making sure I'm sleek and I'm fast and I can't be grabbed or held."

Of course Cruz also had something to say about being a Super Bowl Champion.

"Even now, I still wake up like, wow you're a Super Bowl champion.  Like when I'm in the mirror brushin' my teeth I'm still lookin' in the mirror like, you're a champion.  I get to go through my day feelin' good, and it's just been an amazing run."

Personal opinion, they look damn good.  Nothing vastly different in appearance, but the technology worked into the uniforms is the real change, and I'm sure it will benefit the players and have an affect on how the game is played.  I expect a faster and more dynamic game moving forward.  I do have to say that my favorite piece of the new gear are the gloves with the team logos on the palms.  It's for novelty but it's a nice touch.

Bottom line, Nike just infused an extra bit of cool into the NFL.  Not that they needed it, but every little bit helps. 

In addition to the gear on the field, Nike has released an entire 32 team line of new fan apparel, including not only whats shown below, but also on-field team jerseys and a laundry list of other items. 

You can check out your team's gear at Nike's NFL Shop.

Now we just have to look forward to seeing the new uniforms take the field this fall.

Oh, and you should also thank the good Lord above that Warren Sapp does not play football anymore.  I don't want to see him in something this… "form-fitting".